In The Spotlight

Amy Allen – “Whatcha Do”

This Brooklyn-based artist grew up in Portland, Maine on a healthy diet of classic rock. It inspired her to move to Boston and to trade a biochemistry study with enrolling in the Berklee College of Music, from which she graduated in three years. She is a singer/songwriter who’s music is a masterful fusion of the best music the past several decades has to offer.

As her main inspiration for her latest single, she cites The Zombies, The Kinks and a touch of Katrina & The Waves. It’s a dazzling, upbeat rock song, which she self-produced. With a catchy beat, sparkling guitar bridge and her radiant, refreshing vocals, it’s energetic rock with a dash of country and a whole lot of summery goodness.

From her EP “Get Me Outta Here!” (2017):

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