In The Spotlight

Gabrielle Cacciola – “Find Our Way Home”

Hailing from rural Connecticut, this young songbird grew up in a house she calls ‘a living jukebox’. Surrounded by music all the time, ranging from Frank Sinatra to Billy Joel, she fell in love with the beauty of song. Initially favoring more powerful rock, she’s now performing both covers and original material steeped in modern jazzy hues. Her aptly named debut single “Brand New” released in 2015.

Her new single is a delicate gem of exceptional elegance and beauty. The smooth piano driven tune is joined by a mellow drum and a touch of mild organ tones, letting her exquisitely charming, jazz-touched vocals shine. Asking the meaningful question of what’s important in life, the mellifluous melody and her radiant, alluring voice sound like a romantic crackling fireplace on a cold winter’s day.

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