In The Spotlight

Mouse – “3 Weeks”

This Scottish-raised, Bristol-based singer and songwriter grew up with an emo, math rock and heavy-metal blend, but focuses her sound on a mix of pop and hiphop, creating an eclectic fusion of rich technicolor tones. With music in her blood since birth, she started writing her own songs aged 8 and extensively performs live, from tiny pubs to supporting Dua Lipa, with equal energetic fervor.

Her new single forges a sweltering, atmospheric pop realm of sheer opulance and allure. Ranging from smooth charm to punchy buoyancy, she effortlessly slides across the boundaries of pop. The contemporary blazing beat and sizzling synths seem to be slightly dipped in 80s vibes, which just adds a searing intensity, while her stunning, sumptuous vocals create a red-hot jam of fiery luminosity.

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