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Sazzie – “Hot Stuff”

Raised just outside London immersed in her parents’ 80s vinyl collection, this bouncy singer and songwriter grew up with the sounds of Tears For Fears, Prince and Depeche Mode. A multi-instrumentalist, she plays violin, drums and keyboard. With her band The Good Natured she opened for the likes of Imagine Dragons and Bastille. She debuted her solo sound on her single “Do You Work Out?” in 2018.

Splashing with red-hot 80s vibes, her new single radiates a multitude of neon flashes of New Wave and alternative pop. Sizzling with fiery retro synths, pastel pop tones and a touch of punk attitude, this groove is bursting with sonic yumminess. And with her sassy vocals singing the sexy, no-holds barred lyrics, this highly danceable sliver of fierce & infectious vintage extravagance truly is hot stuff.

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