In The Spotlight

Dorian Grace – “The Colouring”

As the product of a scientific experiment in the 80s, this up-and-coming British singer/songwriter, who had toured all over the world, was frozen in time in 1989, only to be reanimated 30 years later. The aim of the experiment was to find out whether the music of the time would still be current decades later. He was given a home studio and got to work on creating an album blending neon with new.

Giving 80s pop an insatiable rock edge, his new single bursts onto your ears with ravenous retro gusto. With a pulsating beat, fiery guitars and searing synths oozing their brightly coloured vintage vibes and feeding a sense of positivity, it’s his classic and raw-edged vocals which complete this sonic journey to yesteryear. Exuberant and packed with pizzazz, he captured the 80s in a single track.

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