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Kitty Rae – “When Everybody Is Sleeping”

Hailing from the rural town of Bacchus Marsh, this Australian singer and songwriter used the Covid lockdowns to hone her existing skills in production and promotion. Known for her energetic live shows, driving rhythms and imposing lyrics, she draws influence from Lorde, Billie Eilish and Sia. Recording her zesty music in her home studio, she debuted with her single “Rich” in 2020.

Capturing the feeling of going out and letting go of the pressures of everyday life, her new single is a refreshing slice of infectious indie-pop. With slightly retro-touched shimmering synths, a rich, pulsating rhythm and ravishing harmonies, she’s created a vividly bright melody. And with her alluring vocal blend that is both flirtatious and powerful, this is one enticing jam you want to stay up for.

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Moonwood – “Sydney Lights”

Made up of five friends from Australia, the United States and Canada, this Sydney-based band created a refreshing take on alternative rock. Consisting of Jake, Justin, Aaron, Will and Paul, they fuse analog synths, dreamy guitars and contemplative lyricism into a stylish, yet rugged sound. Inspired by the likes of The 1975, Kings Of Leon and Bruce Springsteen, they debuted with “Big Red Sun” in July 2021.

Glistening on the crystal-clear melodic waves, their new single tells the story of finding new appreciation for your hometown with sonic sophistication. Painting their own own musical world with smooth, steady brush-strokes, it’s the gentle sway of the guitars, the mellow beat and the soft, suave vocals expressing true longing, that conjures up an enchanting, melancholic aural world full of warmth.

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AnnaLina – “Took It Further (Feelin’ Fine)”

Based in Sydney, this natural songbird grew up listening to classic soul and Motown artists like Etta James, Otis Redding and Al Green and performing in the living room with her older sister. Later becoming mesmerized by the luscious R&B of Erykah Badu and Mary J Blige, she started working as a backing vocalist and vocal arranger. She debuted her own soulful sound on “It’s Seasonal” in 2020.

Recalling her youth, when her self-confidence blossomed, her new single takes a smooth and breezy look at losing yourself in relationships. With a gentle, ear-stroking organic melody from the single acoustic guitar and her enchanting voice to the lively addition of the percussion and harmonic vocals in the perky chorus, this is a velvety groove that will not only make you feel good, but feel fine.

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Triptides – “So Many Days”

With a sound compared to a sonic hybrid of The Byrds and Pink Floyd, this Californian trio creates a sun-drenched blend of psychedelia and retro pop. Consisting of Glenn Brigman, Brendan Peleo-Lazar and Stephen Burns, they’ve played various festivals such as Desert Daze and Barcelona Psych Fest and toured the West-Coast as well as Europe. They released their debut single “Going Under” in 2011.

Despite the arrival of the cold winter weather outside, the title-track of their new EP brings the warmth of the Californian sun inside. With a distinct 70s-styled folk-pop vibe from the acoustic guitar, mellow drums and the country-esque steel-guitar producing a vintage-dipped, laid-back melodic haze, it’s the dreamy vocals that forges their airy, resplendent and nostalgic summertime reverie.

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Alice Gray – “Comatose”

Raised in San Diego and now based in Los Angeles, this Californian singer and songwriter always loved music, but she grew up painting, drawing and playing sports. It wasn’t until she took a songwriting class that she got the confidence to post her songs online. Influenced by the artistry of Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean, she debuted her rich indie-pop sound on her single “Pink Cadillac” in 2017.

Creating a mesmerizing sonic dreamscape in which to tell her story, her new single encapsulates both a genuine vulnerability and a heartfelt passion. With an electronic shimmer from the synths, a voluptuous rhythm and an infectious hook, she’s forged an irresistible tune. And with her lavish, multi-harmonic vocals sparkling on the notes, this groove transports the listener into her musical world.

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VILDE – “Plot Twist”

Born and raised on a small island south of Oslo, this Norwegian singer and songwriter grew up immersed in music. She learned to play guitar at a young age and sang in various gospel choirs. After studying music at the Paul McCartney school in the UK, she returned to Norway and supported Röyksopp and Julie Bergan on tour. She debuted with her single “Get You” in 2018 and runs her own label.

Often compared to the danceable pop stylings of Zara Larsson, her new single takes a generous helping of Scandinavian pop and adds a lavish amount of her unique sass. Lyrically meant for those who are tired of Tinder and want a meaningful relationship, it’s the relentless beat, slick keys and her fresh vocals that give it zest. Filled with foot-tappin’ vibes, this spirited jam is sheer sonic energy.

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