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Bellhouse – “On A Night Like This”

That Scandinavia is a breeding ground for catchy pop music is proved once again by Swedish singer/songwriter Emma-Lee Andersson aka Bellhouse. Although trained as a truck driver, her talents drew her into the world of music. She effortlessly combines being a multi-instrumentalist – playing piano, guitar and drums – with a poetic flair for lyricism to create an one-of-a-kind electro-pop sound.

With her scrumptious debut single she’s instantly made her mark on an otherwise congested music scene. The skillful production and electronic instrumentation takes you from a smooth, ear-stroking vibe to a robust burst of energetic tones, but it’s her radiant and rousing vocals which make this song truly stand out. Oozing with pop yumminess, it’s the fresh sound your ears were craving.

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Ruth Koléva – “I Don’t Know Why”

Born into the turbulent tides of a transient post-communist Eastern-Europe, this Bulgarian artist found her escape of the harsh times in the soul classics of Marvin Gaye and Nat King Cole. She started to immerse herself in everything music had to offer, ranging from soul to hip hop and adopting a sultry soul/jazz style. This lead to the release of her debut album “RUTH” in 2014.

Her latest musical morsel is an opulent synthesis of vintage jazzy tones and touches of modern R&B. The smooth instrumentation of soft percussion, velvety violins and polished horns radiates a sensuality and warmth, welcoming her seductive, creamy vocals into its musical arms. Singing about the uncertainties of love, it’s a lavishly rhythmic gem with an alluring flirtatious side.

From her upcoming album “Confidence. Truth”, to be released on 30 March 2018:

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Primo – “To The Max!”

Texas-born singer/songwriter Laura Lee Bishop is a classically trained vocalist and pianist, who has been performing since she was seven years old. With her powerhouse vocals, she’s created a mixture of pop, rock and country music. Wanting to explore the glittery diversity of 80s music, she spawned the moniker Primo to dip herself in the pastel palette of 80s retro pop.

The decade of big hair, neon colors and aerobics video’s certainly comes alive on this synth-heavy power-pop track. Steeped in the imposing and empowering pop/rock sound of the time, it’s reminiscent of the iconic 80s movie soundtracks. With a sweeping dance beat, catchy chorus, a howling electric guitar solo and vigorous vocals, she definitely took the neon glam of the 80s to the max!

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