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Yes You Are – “Come Back Home”

This power pop quintet from Kansas City hit the big time shortly after forming in 2014, when they were invited to support Neon Trees on their US tour. Their single “HGX” debuted on Pepsi’s Superbowl 51 commercial and was featured in the hit movie “Bad Moms”. Focused around the fierce vocals of front woman Kianna Alarid, they created a sing-along, synth-based pop sound with intense lyricism.

The divine harmonies of a full gospel choir feel welcoming on their latest single. Widening their musical reach with a more folky approach, the natural acoustic guitar sets an enthralling melody for Kianna’s spellbinding vocals to glisten. Truly coming alive with an added oscilating rhythm, angelic violins and a rapturous electric guitar bridge, it’s heavenly folk/pop you want to come home to.

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David Davis – “Little Mo’ Betta”

With music and performing running through the veins of this Chicago-born artist, his childhood knack for always finding a stage to perform Motown classics on made him stand out. After studying music at Belmont University, he went on to record with renowned producers RedOne and Aaron Sprinkle, played over 500 shows, had his music used on TV-shows and opened for Jon Bellion and John Legend.

Brimming with fabulous funkiness, this single is a triumphantly groovy trip. The retro-sounding electric guitar and the toe-tapping beat grab the listener by the eardrums, before bursting out with full-bodied, Earth, Wind & Fire-like brass. With his shiny, soul-dripping vocals flirting with the music and blending into a dazzling display of funk, it’s not just a little mo’ betta, it’s a lot mo’ betta!

From his upcoming EP “The Long & Short Of It: Vol. 1”, to be released on 3 August 2018:

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Peter Wise ft. Tiger Darrow – “Can’t Do It Alone”

Based in Brooklyn, New York, this singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer is no stranger to the music scene. He’s shared the stage with The Eagles and collaborated with Chicago and Mali Music, as well as using his modern soul/pop blend and contemplative lyricism for his own sophisticated music. His debut EP “Without You Here” was released in 2016, which earned him worldwide attention.

Enlisting the vocal talents of songstress Tiger Darrow, his latest single is a flirtatious lovers dialogue set to music. A breezy guitar and laid-back percussion create an amorous atmosphere, leading to an upbeat chorus in which the two vocals intertwine. The vitalizing pop melody with a slight country twist, serves as a seductive, rose-petal thrown foundation for a rousing colloquy of two struggling lovers.

From his upcoming album “Unattached”, to be released on 4 May 2018:

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