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RHONDA – “Couldn’t Say Yes”

This German quintet has been on the music scene since their debut album “Raw Love” hit the German album charts back in 2014 and enamored both soul as pop lovers alike. While the band is based in Hamburg, singer Milo Milone is living in Los Angeles and records all vocals in her garage. Their second album “Wire” followed in 2017, showing off their eclectic mix of soul, punk and pop.

Taken from their third album “You Could Be Home Now”, their latest single merges vintage soul with a touch of 60s psychedelia and wraps it in a grandiose cinematic sound. They first put a spell on you with a haunting 60s soul groove, before hooking your ears with a rousing chorus, while being enchanted by the intense, sumptuous vocals, conjuring an intoxicating tune you can only say yes to.

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In The Spotlight

Ruth Willow – “Memories Of You”

Hailing from Bolton, UK, this young singer, songwriter and model has always lived a life immersed in music of all descriptions and plays saxophone and drums. Influenced by the greats such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin and John Legend, she moved from playing musicals at school to creating an inspirational, warm and soulful sound of her own. Her debut EP “Heart Requiem” was released in 2014.

Her new single is a luscious, spine-tingling blues soused in some sweet soul sensibilities. With an alluring, organic rawness from the exhilarating melody of the authentic electric guitar, a mellow beat and suave piano, it’s the soulful sensitivity of her gorgeous, expressive and ear-stroking vocals, which turns this majestic musical marvel into an unforgettable, passionate, classic-souding blues.

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