In The Spotlight

Jarreau Vandal – “Scintilla”

This young Dutch producer grew up in a musical family surrounded by jazz, soul and funk, but being a child of the 90s, he immersed himself in Hip-Hop, rock and R&B as well. His grandfather was also a producer and introduced him to the craft aged 16. Drawing inspiration from all his musical influences, he tries bridging the gaps between all the various genres by creating a fresh and dynamic sound.

Enlisting the R&B vocal talents of Dutch songstress Luna Mae, his new single is taken from his upcoming mixtape “Anthology”, which is due to drop on 28 September 2018. Inspired by the rejuvenating energy of falling in love, he skillfully blends state-of-the-art electronics with a retro-sounding, soulful funk wrap. With an infectious beat and a touch of luminous brass, it’s an irresistibly sunny groove.

Jarreau Vandal: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Luna Mae: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

In The Spotlight

Navina – “27 Hearts”

As a multi-instrumentalist, as well as a singer and songwriter, this British songbird plays flute, piano, guitar and bass and compiled quite a self-penned song collection in her teenage years. She produces all of her music in her Cambridge bedroom first, before recording a more glossy version in a studio later, still playing most instruments herself. She self-released her debut EP “Colours” in 2014.

Taken from her upcoming EP “Shapes”, which is to be released later this year, her latest single shows a creative and musical maturity beyond her 23 years. The sprightly beat and natural sounding piano give it an uplifting, carefree fluidity, while her pop/folk-dipped vocals effortlessly add an organic layer. Addressing millennial problems, this catchy, gorgeous song definitely has heart.

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