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Ivan Hartle – “You Got Me”

This Vancouver-based Canadian musician enjoyed an upbringing surrounded by music. Having played college baseball in Southern United States also contributed to his musical influences. With a vintage-coated blend of soul, blues and folk, he performed all over the city, as well as playing a showcase at Vancity Feature. He’s about to tour Vancouver Island in March and Western Canada in June.

His astonishing debut single is a passionate fusion of heart-wrenching blues and classic soul. With an organic-sounding instrumentation of mellow percussion and mellifluous acoustic guitar chords proving that less is definitely more, it’s his warm, impassioned vocals adding a melancholic southern blues to stirring soul, which give this marvelous, mesmerizing tune a fervent vintage vibe.

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In The Spotlight

OSTON – “Give Up”

Born in Park City, Utah as Austin Wolfe, this pop singer and songwriter creates music based on the realization that it’s way more fun to be young and immature. Now based in Chicago, she managed to retain that joyous, childlike innocence, while having matured into a seasoned songwriter. Blending fun with lyrical depth and intricate melodies, she released her debut single “Bad” late 2018.

Her scintillating sophomore single is infused with vivid, emotionally-laden lyrics about toxic relationships and highly addictive hooks. Initially catching the attention with a mellow, plucky guitar, a smooth, pulsating rhythm and breezy vocals, the song soon bursts to life in a jubilant chorus. With rich, anthemic drums and perky, sing-a-long harmonies, this is an exquisite earwig you can’t give up.

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