In The Spotlight

Isabel Wood – “Run & Hide”

Raised in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, this Australian pop singer and songwriter grew up in a musical family. Although she wanted to be a soccer player, she played saxophone in her school jazz band, until settling on guitar aged 15. She went on to study pop music at University on the Gold Coast. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Taylor Swift and Sasha Sloan, she debuted with “Sunburn” in 2019.

Relaying the message that you should live in the moment, rather than only chase goals and live up to expectation, her new single effortlessly blends a rich, contemporary production with touches of retro-pop. Whether it is the playful guitar chords, the infectious beat or the subtle keys, it’s her delicate vocals that dance over the notes and make this sparkling groove an uplifting, yet emotive jam.

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