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Sinclair – “Middle Of The Night”

Growing up as the lesbian daughter of an Evangelical pastor in Madrid, New York, this bubbly pop singer and songwriter laces her honest lyrics with self-discovery and independence. Now based in the more liberal Nashville, she’s since toured with artists such as Daughtry and Kacey Musgraves. Already a Beatles fan aged 4 and playing piano and guitar, she debuted with her EP “Sweet Talk” in 2014.

With a throbbing beat and wah-wah guitars as the enticing starter, her new single soon kicks it into high gear. Taken from her EP “Montage” and blending vibrant retro-pop with a funkalicious vibe, dipping it in colorful neon sparkles and finishing with a modern production, this rich, vintage-touched groove has it all. And with her refreshing vocal glitz, this is an invigorating upbeat tune.

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Music History

Haddaway – “What About Me”

From his album “Let’s Do It Now” (1998):

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New Music

Rita Ora – “Finish Line”

From the soundtrack of the upcoming ESPN docu-series “37 Words”, premiering on 21 June 2022:

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