In The Spotlight

Camila Knight – “Journey”

Based in the UK, this eclectic singer and songwriter has been singing and dancing all her life. First engrossed by her dad’s record collection of Elton John and Queen, she started singing in church aged 9. As well as taking piano and vocal lessons, she attended L’AULA Berklee College of Music in Barcelona. Inspired by artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell and Lorde, she debuted with “Angels” in 2020.

Chronicling the longing to make a change in life and going on a journey of self-discovery, her new single is a lavish pop blend. First creating a celestial dreamscape with a silvery synth tone and a mild beat, the song adds a rich vibrancy in the emotional and atmospheric chorus. And with luscious backing harmonies and her breezy vocal finesse, this luring tune becomes something truly special.

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