In The Spotlight

Stacey Kelleher – “Overcommitted”

Hailing from New Hampshire and based in Nashville, this singer, songwriter and producer started piano lessons aged 6 and guitar lessons aged 9. She ventured into writing her first song a year later. Discovering her style, she’s played in a school band, a jazz band, a capella group and a marching band. Inspired by Holly Humberstone and Lennon Stella, she released her debut “All I See” in 2018.

Lyrically accepting the fact that chasing your dreams can be both amazing and overwhelming, her new single teaches that it’s okay to take a step back or even say no to new tasks when it gets too much. Sonically ascending from an airy, synth-driven dreamscape to the captivating chorus, it’s her storytelling vocals with a bit of grit that give this tune an authentic honesty and a melodic luster.

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