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The Hello Darlins – “What Is A Broken Heart For?”

Led by Candice Lacina and Mike Little, this Calgary-based Canadian collective of varying session musicians has been making music since 2016. Creating a classic sound by using real instruments and no vocal tuning, they blend Americana, gospel and blues and worked with Shania Twain and B.B. King. Inspired by Linda Ronstadt and Neil Young, they debuted with their album “Go By Feel” in 2021.

Asking the all too familiar question what the point of love is, if all you end up with is a broken heart, their new single combines classic country with a touch of soft-rock. Taken from their latest EP “In The Sundust”, it’s the lively drums, rejuvenating electric guitars, mellow organ and their dynamic vocal harmonies, that make this vintage-dipped and sun-drenched sonic hoedown easy to fall in love with.

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