In The Spotlight

Lisa Crawley – “Without You”

Born in New Zealand and now L.A.-based, this award-winning singer/songwriter has loved music since the age of 4. Also an actress she played ‘GIRL’ in the Tony Award-winning musical Once. Her original music has been featured in TV-shows like Nancy Drew and Stumptown. She has also opened for Suzanne Vega, John Mayer and Simply Red. She debuted with her EP “Shoot The Night” in 2007.

Translating the struggles of making decisions guided by your heart, rather than your head into relatable lyrics, her new single is an intricate blend of retro pop, classic soul and R&B. Taking us on a sonic journey through a breezy soundscape, it’s the soothing guitars, bouncy rhythm and vintage organ gracing her enchantingly warm vocals that make this spellbinding tune sound authentic and stylish.

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