In The Spotlight

AISTÈ – “What’s Going On”

Originally hailing from Lithuania, this fiery London-based singer and songwriter lived all over Europe before calling the UK home. Initially studying for a different career path, she graduated from the London School of Economics, before fully committing to music. Drawing wide-ranging inspiration from Stax Records’ soul, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, she released her debut single “Say When” in 2018.

Attempting to vocalize the social, economic and cultural entropy we’re currently in, her new single is a 70s-infused psychedelic sonic kaleidoscope. Taken from her upcoming album “The Theory Of Everything”, expected on May 19th, it’s the flower-powered anthemic feel of the stalwart tune, the spiritual harmonies and her powerful vocals, that make this rich, prismatic groove a celestial retro trip.

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