In The Spotlight

Joseph – “Fireworks”

Named after the small town in Oregon where they spent their summers, this pop-folk trio of siblings were born to a jazz musician dad and a theater teacher mom. The three sisters, Natalie, Meegan and Allison Closner, have graced several festival stages, such as Coachella and Lollapalooza, as well as going on tour supporting James Bay. They self-released their debut album “Native Dreamer Kin” in 2014.

Singing about refusing to compromise on a romantic ideal, their new effervescent single is searching for that one person that sparks fireworks. Taken from their latest album “The Sun”, it’s the melodic explosion from the driving rhythm, joyous guitars and their perfectly tuned harmonies that makes this high-spirited pop, folk and country mix erupt in a vibrant stadium-ready sonic blast.

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