In The Spotlight

Bette Smith – “Man Child”

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this impressive songstress grew up with the gospel she sang in church and the soul music she heard on the streets. She recorded her album in Mississippi, which brought her to the roots of her musical influences. Driven by the promise she made to her brother Junior on his deathbed not to give up on her career as a singer, she performs everywhere she can and always wears yellow on stage to honor him.

Her first single takes those gospel and soul influences and adds some raw rock into the mix. The result is a funky, raucaus jam, full of lively drum fills, exhuberant horns, roaring electric guitars and her astonishing, razor-sharp, scouring vocals, cleansing your eardrums, while tickling all your senses.

From her upcoming debut album “Jetlagger” (Release Date: 29 September 2017):

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Music History

Dynasty – “I’ve Just Begun To Love You”

From their album “Adventures In The Land Of Music” (1980):

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New Music

Chase Atlantic – “Keep It Up”

From their EP “Part Three” (2017):

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Birthday Song

The Pasadenas – “Reeling”

Happy birthday to Mr. Hamish Seclochan of The Pasadenas, who is 53 today.

From their album “Elevate” (1991):

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Music History

Belinda Carlisle – “Mad About You”

From her album “Belinda” (1986):

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New Music

Andreas Moe – “Something Right”

This is the new single by Swedish singer/songwriter Andreas Moe:

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