In The Spotlight

Holy Oysters – “Methylene Blue”

The story behind this Parisian five-piece band tells about a parallel universe, consisting of five separate communities, each worshiping their own higher power. These powers are represented by symbols the band members wear on medallions. The unification of these five symbols into one band is meant to represent unity and promote peace in a time of global unrest.

Their latest single has an ethereal, dreamy feel. The captivating synths, hypnotizing electric guitar riffs and their smooth, serene harmonies create a mesmerizing, almost enchanting piece of experimental psychedelic pop. With its celestial soundscape and luscious richness, this song is truly out of this world.

From their EP “Egonomy” (2017):

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Music History

Bonnie Pointer – “Free Me From My Freedom”

From her self-titled solo debut album (1978):

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New Music

Sam Tsui – “Cameo”

This is the new single by Los Angeles-based singer Sam Tsui:

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Birthday Song

Bros – “Chocolate Box”

Happy birthday to Mr. Matt Goss and Mr. Luke Goss of Bros, who are 49 today.

From their album “The Time” (1989):

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Music History

Jane Child – “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”

From her self-titled debut album (1989):

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New Music

Tinashe – “Light The Night Up”

This is the new song by contemporary R&B singer/songwriter Tinashe:

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