In The Spotlight

Lo Lytes – “Hurting You”

After being introduced by a mutual friend in 2014, singer Jameson Morris and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rockwell Sands reconnected a few years later and started writing songs together. They merged Morris’ love of classic funk and Sands’ preference for dance and pop music to create a new pop sound, which is influenced by Jamiroquai and Bruno Mars.

Their second single is a contemporary pop song, sprinkled with that neo-disco vibe. A punchy beat grabs you straight away and skilfully leads you to the explosive, infectious chorus and a delightful, acoustic piano bridge to tickle your senses. Morris’ sleek and polished vocals tie everything together in a neat and captivating musical package with a bow on top.

From their upcoming debut EP “Lonely Weather, Vol.1”, to be released later in 2017:

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Music History

Kym Mazelle – “Got To Get You Back”

From her album “Crazy” (1989):

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New Music

Picture This – “Addicted To You”

From their self-titled album (2017):

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Birthday Song

Peter Cetera – “One Good Woman”

Happy birthday to Mr. Peter Cetera, who is 73 today.

From his album “One More Story” (1988):

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Music History

The S.O.S. Band – “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”

From their album “S.O.S.” (1980):

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New Music

Sheryl Crow – “Roller Skate”

From her album “Be Myself” (2017):

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