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The It City – “All Shine, No Silver”

Hailing from the musical mecca that is Nashville, TN, this quartet of like-minded musicians has taken the best elements of funk, pop, rock and soul and synthesized an energetic, fresh sound. Prior to forming in 2015, they all had a decade of experience from doing session work for the likes of Maren Morris and Michael McDonald. They released their debut single “Make It Look Easy” in 2017.

The latest teaser from their forthcoming, self-titled debut album, expected to drop on April 12th, is a joyful explosion of sheer exuberance. They have taken a jubilant retro-funk, immersed it in some spirited gospel tones and made it shine. With a playful piano, exhilarating rhythm and spirited brass tugging at your fidgety feet, you have no choice but to start moving to this heavenly funky jam.

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Music History

Sharon Redd – “Can You Handle It”

From her album “Sharon Redd” (1980):

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New Music

Rob Thomas – “One Less Day (Dying Young)”

From his upcoming album “Chip Tooth Smile”, to be released on 26 April 2019:

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