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Nicole McMahan – “Magnets”

Raised in Colorado surrounded by a toxic puritan culture, this powerhouse singer and songwriter began singing in musical theatre in high school. She evolved into modern music while at university, where she met her husband, composer/producer Gavin McMahan. Often compared to stars like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, she debuted her retro-styled pop/R&B sound on “Aphrodisiac” in 2021.

Written to bring some summery sunshine to the gloomy winter months, her new single delivers an infectious feel-good sparkle. Merging a virulent funkalicious vibe with a touch of Nu-Disco, this tune is groovy from the get-go. With a catchy rhythm, sunlit synths and bursting with radiant horns creating a melodic fiesta, it’s her refreshing vocal power that makes this jam sound utterly irresistible.

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Music History

Londonbeat – “Come Back”

From their album “Londonbeat” (1994):

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New Music

Joss Stone – “Oh, To Be Loved By You”

From her album “Never Forget My Love” (2022):

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