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Sophia Alexa – “Hit And Run”

Born in California, raised in Amsterdam and now based in London, this singer and songwriter grew up surrounded by different music ranging from bossa nova and jazz to 70s classics. She wrote her first song aged 12 and got enchanted by sonic storytelling. Last year she supported Greta Isaac on her tour and, inspired by Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, she released her debut single “House Of Cards”.

Writing about the realization that she feels the need to escape when she gets too close to a person, her new single carries the honest lyrics on a bed of musical optimism. With an upbeat rhythm driving the tune, enriched with breezy guitar strums and melodic keys, it’s her organically sweet vocals putting the finishing touches on this polished gem that fills it with sparkle and vivacity.

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Music History

Cee-Lo – “Closet Freak”

From his album “Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections” (2002):

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New Music

Aiyana-Lee – “Make You Love Me”

From her EP “Wednesday’s Child (Side A)” (2022):

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