In The Spotlight

Jada O’Neill – “Bygones”

Born on Barbados and raised under the Caribbean sun in Antigua and Barbuda, this tropical artist found her love for singing and songwriting aged 7. Ten years later she moved to the UK, where she combined her multi-cultural upbringing with the local R&B scene. Inspired by vocalists like Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Adele, she debuted her critically acclaimed sound on “Waves” earlier this year.

Creating a magical mellow vibe, which fuses elements of soft jazz and R&B, her new single is filled with melodious elegance. With smooth guitars, mellifluent keys and a silken rhythm drawing you into an exquisite soundscape awash with sonic sweetness, it’s her honey-dipped, dulcet vocal tone, singing about self-reflection, honesty and letting go, that makes this flavorful jam sound irresistible.

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Music History

Brian May – “On My Way Up”

From his album “Another World” (1998):

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New Music

Inge van Calkar – “Back To Life”

Infused with a highly danceable 70s disco beat, this is the new single by Dutch songstress Inge van Calkar:

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