In The Spotlight

Nathalie Miranda – “Is This Love”

Based in London, this British singer and songwriter didn’t get formal singing lessons until she was 17, but found self-development was the way to go. Since then she’s lend her voice to projects of EDM producers such as Babert and AdamTwelve, as well as developing her own retro-touched pop sound. Influenced by Freddie Mercury and Christina Aguilera, she debuted with “Bulletproof” in 2017.

Inspired by 80s diva’s such as Kylie Minogue and Whitney Houston, her new single is a technicolor synth-pop feast. Originally written in 2015 and forgotten about, it’s the high-octane melody, fusing a catchy beat and glittering synths, that erupts from the speakers and transports her powerhouse vocals back to the neon decade. Punchy, anthemic and most of all fun, this jam is love at first hear.

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Music History

Michael McDonald – “Sweet Freedom”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Running Scared” (1986):

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New Music

mxmtoon – “Victim Of Nostalgia”

From her upcoming album “Rising”, to be released on 20 May 2022:

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