In The Spotlight

LYYN – “Coyote”

Born to Chinese immigrants near Chicago, this Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter is classically trained in piano and the oboe from the age of 7. She grew up surrounded by a mix of classical, indie rock and Chinese folk music, which influence is felt in her distinct sound. Inspired by genre-bending artists such as Lana Del Rey, Roy Orbison and Robyn, she debuted with “Out Of Breath” in 2018.

Bringing an ode to an untamable love that was never meant to last, her new single explores her love of 90s dreampop. Starting the song with a melancholic mood, she blends piano chords with her emotive vocals and wildlife samples. The addition of a pulsating beat, fresh guitars and sonic oomph gives this enchanting track an embracing warmth which is irresistible until the last note.

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