In The Spotlight

Zolita – “Fight Like A Girl”

Born in California, this feminist and singer/songwriter grew up playing bluegrass and flat pick guitar, after her father inspired her to start making music. Now at 22, she is part singer, part revolutionary. As a lesbian herself, she is a supporter of the LGBT movement and started a community platform called “Cult Of Girls” to coincide with the video for her single “Holy“, which quickly went viral. Combining her interests – music, film and politics – she writes and directs her own videos, which do not just showcase her music, but also her message – both lyrically and visually.

Her latest single is another example of her sterling storytelling skills. She describes it as a “super bossy femme power song”. It’s a contemporary pop song, but with a 90s R&B feel and bouncy beats, sultry synths and her engaging, refreshing vocals.

From her EP “Fight Like A Girl”, to be released in October 2017:

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