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Jackie Venson – “Flying”

She was born in Austin, Texas as the youngest of 9 siblings. With music in her genes, as her dad Andrew was a prominent musician in the 80s, this singer/songwriter attended the Berklee College of Music, learning classical piano and guitar. Having released two EP’s in 2013 and an album “The Light In Me” in 2016 and having toured the US and Europe recently, things are looking up for this songbird.

Her new single is a song about universal love. It has a laid-back feel and a distinctly funky beat. The orchestration is delicate, with smooth guitar and mellow drums, yet it sounds full and rich. Her slightly smoky, melodious, soul-infused vocals are mesmerizing and make you feel like you’re floating through her musical world.

From her upcoming EP “Transcends”, to be released on 30 September 2017:

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