In The Spotlight

Gabriela Francesca – “Fever”

Raised in Chicago, appreciation for art and music was present in the life of this pink-haired songbird from an early age. She is a multi-instrumentalist and started writing and performing her own music in her early teens. When she was 18, she went to the Berklee College Of Music, from which she graduated in just three years. Now residing in Los Angeles, this multi-talented singer/songwriter is collaborating with other artists, performing and tirelessly creating her own music.

Her latest single is a discolicious party of epic proportions. With an electro-pop base, she piled on a delectable late-70s throwback vibe, bursting with scorching synths, very danceable rhythms and her impeccable, strong vocals. Bring out the disco-ball, the flared pants and an abundance of sparkle, because this infectious groove will have you hitting that dance-floor and boogieing like never before.

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