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Lauren Waller – “What If”

Hailing from Los Angeles, this multi-talented singer/songwriter recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Theater Arts Production and Design, so you could say that entertainment is in her blood. Her debut EP “Perhaps” from 2016 received rave reviews and airplay around the world. The power of her music comes from the emotional story-telling in her lyrics, combined with an unique sound of 80s piano pop, smoldering R&B and a touch of soul all rolled into one

Her latest offering is an impassioned and captivating look at relationships, questioning loyalty, love and trust. The gentle piano and rhythmic handclap beat are the perfect frame for her powerful, expressive vocals. The arrangement is enchanting, with mild, hypnotizing violins added to create a full and satisfying sound. It’s a charming, almost bewitching, song with poignant, passionate lyrics, from which you just can’t walk away.

From her EP “No Names Here” (2017):

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