In The Spotlight

Joon Moon – “Tiger”

Started in the arts centre of the world – Monmartre in Paris – this Franco-American band is a meeting of different musical styles and cultures. Consisting of house producer Julien Decoret, drummer Raphael Chassin and singer/songwriter Krystle Warren, they set out to combine retro aesthetics and politically conscious songwriting into something new and exciting, which merges trip-hop, jazz, soul and electronic music.

Despite the rather odd, slightly film-noire-esque video, their latest single is a delightful dreamscape, which echoes on your eardrums. It has a retro vibe to it and a neo-soul feel. Starting with a haunting beat, it leads to a more upbeat chorus and the introduction of some slick saxophone. The organic sounding, fluid vocals tie the song together and their use of vintage instruments gives it a hue of authenticity.

From their upcoming album “Moonshine Corner”, to be released on 29 September 2017:

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