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Jacob Lee – “So Wrong”

At a mere 22 years of age, this Australian singer/songwriter has supported Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Jamie Lawson and has toured all over the world several times and yet he once started out as a street busker. He consciously chose to work as an independent artist, without a label, management or booking agent, embracing the role of entrepreneur as well as artist in order to give his music the artistic freedom it deserves.

His latest single is a powerful, full-bodied pop ballad, with eloquent, poignant lyrics and a riveting production, which effortlessly takes you from a charming acoustic guitar to a spellbinding pop chorus. It’s an enthralling tune, which grabs the listener from the first note and showcases not only his penchant for songwriting, but also his sumptuous and rich vocals.

From his EP “Clarity” (2017):

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