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The Blemish – “California”

This Los Angeles-based duo consists of Bo Haan and Emin Karimi. Both are accomplished singers, songwriters and producers in their own right. Karimi is a child prodigy, who started working as a professional songwriter and producer at the tender age of 10. Haan used to be a lawyer, but found his calling in music. Together they create an auditory amalgamation of old-school funk, soul and contemporary electro grooves.

Their latest single is brimming with that vintage, 80s style funk and very danceable disco tones. The instrumentation is phenomenal with a highly addictive beat, snazzy funk guitar, sweltering synths and fierce, hot horns. The choral-style vocals fuse fluently with the sparkly, glitterball feel of the music. It is a very current take on the funk revivalism of late and embraces that glitzy dance-floor filler vibe.

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