In The Spotlight

Emily Litta – “Tomboy”

Half Italian, half kiwi and living in London, this R&B songstress has also attended the Berklee School Of Music in Boston, USA and is ready to take her rightful place on the music scene with her passionate and funky blend of Motown, old-school hip hop and blues. Being a gifted singer and songwriter, she dazzles with her vocal, story-telling and even rapping artistry.

A funky bass line takes the listener on a journey through her musicality on her latest single. She wrote the song after walking into a clothing store to get a large sweatshirt from the men section, following a long and uncomfortable day full of meetings. A fluid R&B feel, a groovy beat and sumptuous guitar riffs provide a soft bed for her luscious vocals to snuggle up to.

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Music History

Lou Rawls – “From Now On”

From his album “All Things In Time” (1976):

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New Music

Adelén – “Big Bad Bitter”

This is the new single by Norwegian songstress Adelén:

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