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KAWALA – “Runaway”

This North-London Indie-Pop quintet got started by vocalist Jim Higson and Daniel McCarthy, while they were studying at Leeds College Of Music. A few months later they dropped out to form the band. They released their debut EP “D.I.L.Y.D.” in 2018, which had over 9 million streams. They’ve played several festivals and are going to support Dodie on her UK and Ireland tour in March 2019.

This scrumptious taster of their upcoming EP “Counting The Miles” is an infectiously rhythmic earworm. Blending some shimmering, early noughties acoustic guitar with a lively afrobeat and their slick two-part harmonies, it takes its Paul Simon-esque influence, dips it in a contemporary indie-folk bath and emerges as a sprightly, sun-drenched musical gem that will make you forget your winter blues.

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