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Begut – “Like A Girl”

Born as Beatriz Gutiérrez in Zaragoza, this Spanish songbird grew up with folk music and began writing songs at the age of twelve. Incorporating soulful vocals and jazzy arrangements, she created Begut the band in 2016. After a move to London to study songwriting, she went on to develop her skills by writing hundreds of songs, leading to the release of her debut single “Bittersweet” in 2019.

Using a rich, melodious freshness, her new single takes an emotive journey through modern times. Preempting the release of her debut EP, expected in May, it’s the crisp guitars, ascending beat and soulful vocals merging together in a sumptuous soundscape. And with vitalizing harmonies stroking your eardrums, this is an empowering message of hope, wrapped in a lush, aural luminescence.

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Music History

The Spinners – “Working My Way Back To You”

From their album “Dancin’ And Lovin'” (1979):

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New Music

Malia Civetz – “Broke Boy”

With an exuberant pop/gospel sassiness, this is the mainstream debut by rising star Malia Civetz:

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