In The Spotlight

Cayley Thomas – “Two Minds”

Hailing from Edmonton, this ardent Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist has a natural ability for creating infectious melodies that highlight her impressive vocal range. Finding a balance between folk, pop and rock, she debuted with her EP “Ash Mountains” in 2013, which she wrote after suddenly losing her brother Alex. Honing her sound, she’s played festivals, both in Canada as in Iceland.

Dipping contemporary indie pop in a 60s-touched folk pool, her new single is a salubrious earworm. Taken from her upcoming album “How Else Can I Tell You?”, expected on May 1st, she manages to marry the intricate, vintage melody with her refreshing, crisp vocals. With cleverly layered guitars and a touch of brass creating a dreamy world, this tune radiates sixties sunshine with every note.

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Music History

Jason Derulo – “Kiss The Sky”

From his album “Platinum Hits” (2016):

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New Music

Melanie C – “Who I Am”

With a perfect blend of vintage neon pop and modern vibes, this is the new single by Melanie C:

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