In The Spotlight

Early Eyes – “Marigolds”

This quintet from Minneapolis was founded in 2016 on a college campus. Consisting of Jake Berglove, Joe Villano, John O’Brien, Des Lawrence and Wyatt Fuller, they first started making music together as a hobby, but took their infectious soul-pop sound across the city, leading to local venue First Avenue to name them best new band of 2017. In that same year they released their debut EP “Minutes”.

Starting smooth and easygoing with an acoustic piano and Jake’s crisp voice, their new single soon develops into an infectious, upbeat groove. Blending a vintage vibe with a touch of jazz makes the bouncy beat, plucky bass and sunshiny keys paint a delightful, aural Summers day, while the soulful vocals sound silky and refreshing. And with sleek horns, this is a sanguine spark in an uncertain world.

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Music History

Liz Phair – “Why Can’t I?”

From her album “Liz Phair” (2003):

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New Music

Adam Lambert – “Velvet”

From his album “Velvet” (2020):

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