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Bare Jams – “Little Bit”

Started as a project of Ollie Coombes and Sam James back in 2011, this sunlit band evolved into an exuberant sextet. With an unique multi-genre blend of reggae, soul, pop and ska, they’ve played festivals like Isle Of Wight and Bockor Rock. They played their own headline shows in the UK and Europe, as well as opening for The Wailers and Will & The People. They debuted with their EP “Cold Treats” in 2015.

Beaming positivity from every jolly note, their new single delivers warm, summery vibes during these cold winter months. Melodically showing what you can achieve when you mix radiant reggae with vintage funk, this groove opens powerful, before effortlessly moving into a bobbing reggae beat. Infusing the joyful bounce with funkalicious horns, this catchy jam fills your heart with sheer euphoria.

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