In The Spotlight

McDermott & North – “All Things Come And Go”

Having met in the Embassy Bar in Brisbane in 2016, Paddy McDermott and Rhys North made a name for themselves as a popular busking duo. Since then, they’ve forged a vintage-dipped indie-folk sound. They’ve performed at Bluesfest and supported Ben Lee on stage. Inspired by the revolutionary songwriting of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, they debuted their EP “The Lemon Tapes Vol.1” in 2018.

Sonically celebrating life and the importance of living in the moment, their new single is a delightful blend of positivity, optimism and a flavorful helping of retro-rock. Opening with their vibrant Beatlesque harmonies, the rich melody forms around them with a 60s beat, sparkling guitars and fresh tambourine. Bursting with feel-good energy and a sunshiny luster, this jam is ear-stroking bliss.

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