In The Spotlight

Haiden – “Can’t Hurt Me”

Based in the Los Angeles sun, this up-and-coming singer and songwriter started his career in music as a session guitarist. After a hand condition making playing painful, he turned his attention to writing songs in 2020. Initially honing his craft, he started to release his songs on social media. Inspired by the likes of Cautious Clay, FINNEAS and John Mayer, he debuted with “Want To Want You” in 2021.

Initially posted as an unfinished track, his new single went viral on TikTok, reacing over 4 million views and adding over 35.000 followers in mere days. Now released in full, it is produced with a wistful, upbeat vibe, despite singing about his ex’s red flags. With a cheery, acoustic guitar, catchy beat and his Shawn Mendes-touched vocals, it’s the added anthemic burst that makes this tune extra exciting.

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