In The Spotlight

Ryan Meeking – “Better!”

Australian born and now London-based, this indie-pop singer and songwriter got known as one of ‘Australia’s best-kept musical secrets’. However, he’s been working in the music scene for a while with Gossling and his band Whitaker, who had had their songs featured on TV shows like Suits and Teen Wolf. Inspired by artists such as Beck, he debuted his solo sound on his single “Endless Run” in 2021.

Created while in lockdown, separated from family and friends, his uplifting new single focuses on not wasting time by narrating the story of two people who’ve always been friends, but flirted with being more. Wrapped in funky pop tones from the bouncy rhythm, luminous keys and full-flavored electric guitar, it’s his sunlit, sugar-sweet vocals that add a touch of soul to this scrumptious tune.

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