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St. Lucia – “Rocket On My Feet”

This musical project is formed by South-African singer, songwriter and musician Jean-Philip Grobler, who started making music aged 12. He studied music in Liverpool, UK and then moved to New York. The project got started in 2012 and includes his wife Patti Beranek. Quoting mainly 80s influences such as Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins, he released his self-titled debut EP in 2012.

Returning to the music scene after a few years hiatus, their feel-good new single is created to shine a joyous light in the darkness of the world. Forged from equal parts of colorful disco, 70s funk and 80s pop, this groove dazzles with a luminescent glow. With the electro synths, spirited rhythm and his multi-voiced vocals, this meteoric jam will make those hot rockets take off to the dancefloor.

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