In The Spotlight

BEKA – “Don’t Call Me A Friend”

Born and raised in Nottingham, this rising British singer and songwriter grew up immersed in the soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Chaka Khan, as well as the lush lyrical artistry of Lauryn Hill. Having met HONNE at university, she began collaborating with them and lending her voice to their tracks. Written for her husband, she debuted her genuine solo sound on “I’ll Be There” in 2020.

Addressing people who need empathy and emotional maturity in relationships and know they’re better off single than to settle for anything less, her new single is inspired by the authentic back story of her grandparents. With an upbeat, retro-pop feel from the bouncy rhythm and sparkling synths speeding along the melody, it’s her fresh vocals that make this cheery jam sound invigorating.

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