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Only The Poets – “Every Song I Ever Wrote”

Based in Reading, this British quartet got formed when front man Tommy Longhurst wanted to play the Reading & Leeds festival as a band. Further consisting of Andy (Roo) Burge, Jarred Phillips and Marcus Yates, they’ve played sold-out headline tours and opened for Louis Tomlinson on his tour. Inspired by 90s britpop like Blur and Oasis as well as Twenty One Pilots, they debuted with “Ceasefire” in 2017.

Instantly grabbing our attention with a riveting ascending tone, their new single fuses retro sounds from 80s pop and 90s indie with a rich, contemporary production. The melody opens up with a bouncy beat, crisp guitars and a touch of shimmering synths. And with storytelling vocals adding a freshness to the melody, this groove blends new-wave and Britpop into modern guitar pop at its finest.

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