In The Spotlight

Tchotchke – “Don’t Hang Up On Me”

Based in New York City, this one-of-a-kind trio, consisting of Anastasia Sanchez, Eva Chambers and Emily Tooraen, are no strangers to the music scene. As teenagers Sanchez and Chambers played in the indie band Pinky Pinky. Now joined by Tooraen and with a new name, meaning a small trinket, they’re about to support The Lemon Twigs and BRONCHO on tour. They debuted with “Dizzy” late 2021.

With a fun-filled vibe, loaded with quivering retro sparks, their new single finds the rare balance between being a delicious 70s throwback jam and their modern identity. With an energetic burst from the fresh keys, singing guitars and bouncy beat, it’s their extraordinary falsetto harmonies that make this classic pop-rock tune an unique, vintage-dipped groove that has us hanging on every note.

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