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Spencer Crandall – “What Do We Do Now?”

While growing up in Denver, surrounded by his parents’ love for country music, this singer and songwriter was more a music fan than a musician. Initially wanting to become a football player, an injury led him to his guitar. Now based in Nashville and inspired by an eclectic variety of music, from Taylor Swift and Keith Urban to Emimem and Drake, he debuted with his single “Let It Happen” in 2015.

Chronicling the feelings of rebuilding your life again after a breakup, his new single asks the question on how to untie your life from the life you shared with your ex. Combining his poignant lyrics with a laid-back twang and an emotive steel guitar, it’s his heartwarming voice gliding over the smooth tune that truly adds a level of relatable honesty and rich sentimentality to this country-pop gem.

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