In The Spotlight

Jeff Eager – “Joy”

Grown up in Calgary, but now Toronto-based, this singer, songwriter and guitarist has been on the music scene for over 15 years. He honed his craft by performing every chance he got, from cover gigs to weddings. As a guitarist he’s been part of Elise LeGrow’s band for years. Inspired by artists such as Billy Joel and The Beatles, as well as Stevie Wonder and Prince, he debuted with “Bonavista” in 2014.

First exploring the joy in our hearts, only to realize it’s the feeling of it slipping away or even finding it just out of reach, that adds a lyrical melancholy to his new single. But it’s not all gloom, as he wraps his words in a silky-smooth soulscape. Starting with mellifluous keys and laid-back percussion, then adding some upbeat power with velvety strings in the chorus, this jam is loaded with joyful vibes.

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