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Danielle Ponder – “The Only Way Out”

Hailing from Rochester, this soul singer/songwriter grew up in a religious family. Her dad was a pastor and didn’t allow secular music. It wasn’t until her teens that she discovered the music of Alanis Morissette and Lauryn Hill. Initially pursuing a law career as a public defender, she’s now a full-time performer. She debuted her fusion of pop, R&B, blues and hiphop on “Holding Me Down” in 2019.

Narrating a lover’s story about a one-sided relationship, her stirring new single describes the inevitability of the giver of unconditional love ending up hurt. Taken from her upcoming debut album “Some Of Us Are Brave”, expected in September, it’s the imposing retro rhythms and her powerful, soul-infused and passionate vocals, that make this impressive groove sound fiery, majestic and intense.

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