In The Spotlight

Emily Jean Flack – “Goldie”

Born in Ontario, this Canadian singer and songwriter was raised on the Celtic music from her mother, who is part of the Celtic-pop band Leahy. Her upbringing was therefore laced with traditional Irish music. She traveled to Ireland and studied music at the University Of Limerick. Inspired by the voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion and Enya, she debuted with her single “Another Year Gone By” in 2018.

Loosely paying tribute to Goldie Hawn, her new single champions throwing caution to the wind, being yourself and dancing as much as possible. Musically she took her Celtic roots and built an entire castle of various sounds on top. With an insatiable disco rhythm throughout, it’s the retro pop elements, rich Irish violins and her celestial vocals, that make this groove sound exhilarating and fun.

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Music History

Gregory Darling – “Invitation”

From his album “Coloured Life” (2012):

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New Music

Anna Bergendahl – “Demons And Dreams”

From her upcoming album “Intention”, to be released later in 2022:

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